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Criteria for selection

The selection of families who purchase homes from Habitat for Humanity is done by the Family Selection Committee using specific criteria in a way that does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, religion, national origin, family or marital status, or because all or part of income is derived from any public assistance program.

We have three selection criteria:

  1. Need for adequate shelter;
  2. Ability to pay; and
  3. Willingness to partner.

Need for adequate shelter
Habitat Yukon seeks to assist families who have the goal of becoming independent homeowners. We select low-income partner families whose present housing is inadequate.

Ability to pay
Using factors such as a minimum income guideline, debt-to-income ratio, and monthly payment consistency along with other factors, we can determine whether our applicants have the resources necessary to purchase housing from Habitat Yukon.

Willingness to partner
Habitat Yukon needs to discern if applicants are willing to commit to the 500 hour sweat-equity requirement.

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